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A New Calibre.  A New Brand.

September 21, 2019

Several months ago, we initiated a strategic realignment of our organization to allow us to most effectively meet the protection needs of our clients.

For nearly two decades, we've been providing private insurance services for a select, highly-distinguished clientele.  Yet, as the world around us continues to change and create increased threats and exposures, we've realized that our clients need a more comprehensive platform to protect their families, assets and wealth.  To meet these needs, we've established a more holistic, robust platform for safeguarding clients.

This enhanced platform allows to broaden our capabilities, elevate the services we provide and further establish our forward-thinking approach as it relates to protecting ultra high net worth clients.  Along with our new suite of services, we needed to create a new brand identity and digital presence to reflect our capabilities.  Sophisticated and refined.  Timeless yet innovative.  We invite you to visit our new website and explore the new Calibre at

We are excited about our future and our continued market leadership - and how these enhancements will allow us to more effectively meet your family's protection needs.  Thank you for your continued support as we move forward into 2020 and the many years to ahead.

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