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We Protect
Your Family 
and Legacy.

Family offices provide a viable means of managing the professional, philanthropic and personal interests of families with substantial assets.

Calibre provides integrated solutions for managing both family and institutional risk - combining dedicated expertise with a broad offering of risk management services for safeguarding family office clients.

What We Offer

-  Family Insurance Planning
-  Risk & Threat Mitigation
-  Multi-Generational Planning
-  Master Property Policy Programs
-  Group Personal Umbrella Programs
-  Property Inventory Services
-  Employer Protection Services

-  Cyber Security Planning
- Security Consulting Services

How You Benefit

-  Enhanced Protection
-  Risk Management Oversight
-  Increased Efficiency
-  Streamlined Administration
-  Improved Costs


Talk With Us

Have a conversation

with us and discover what Calibre can do for you.



Family Offices 

are Saying

"Calibre is an integral part of our family advisory team.  When we started with Calibre, our coverages were poorly managed and the advice we were given for managing our risk was limited - at best. 


Since become a client, Calibre has been able to more effectively identify and manage potential exposures, enhance our protection and significantly reduce our insurance costs.  We would highly-recommend Calibre without hesitation to other family offices."



Chief Financial Officer

K Capital Partners

Dallas, Texas


With Us.

When it comes to protecting your lifestyle in today's increasingly perilous society, you need an advisor who

understands your wealth and can offer the expertise and choice of solutions to protect it most effectively.

Have a confidential conversation with us today and

discover what Calibre can do for you.

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