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We Insure



A $6 million estate in Houston.  A $9 million secondary residence in Vail.  A collection of Pre-Columbian artifacts.  A 6,000 acre New Mexico ranch. A privately-held charitable foundation. A 72 foot yacht in Palm Beach.

We know your world - and provide expert guidance and a choice of superior coverages and providers to insure your lifestyle most effectively.

What We Insure

-  Homes $2 Million ++

-  Secondary & Vacation Homes
-  Farms & Ranches

-  International Properties

-  Valuable Collections
-  Private Fleet Automobiles
-  Exotic & Collector Automobiles
-  Watercraft & Yacht

-  Private Aircraft

-  Private Employer Coverages

-  Private Foundations

-  Family Offices

-  Commercial Property & Liability

-  Personal Umbrellas $10 Million ++


How You Benefit

-  Tailored Coverages

-  Choice of Providers

-  Broader Protection

-  Simplified Administration

-  Streamlined Billing

-  Improved Costs

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with us and discover what Calibre can do for you.


A Choice of Market-Leading Providers

Most insurance providers rarely meet the enhanced coverage needs required for insuring the lifestyles of high net worth clients.

We provide clients with privileged access to a choice of specialty A-rated providers dedicated to insuring high-valued lifestyles.


With Us.

When it comes to protecting your lifestyle in today's increasingly perilous society, you need an advisor who

understands your wealth and can offer the expertise and choice of solutions to protect it most effectively.

Have a confidential conversation with us today and

discover what Calibre can do for you.

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